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Square to Round Calculator

remember to add if bending the lower scrape in or out
Upper Diameter: round
use a slightly smaller diameter for less crimping
or to finish the top with an added round collar

Lower: wide x deep

Lower scrape:
Add for left seam:

Add for right seam:

1 of 2 identical pieces, like a clam shell.
The 3 blue dots represent the points used to create the upper curve, use your long ruler on it's side to connect the dots.
If a blue radius value is listed at the top you can use your dividers with one point on the center line (extended above the 'blank') to scribe the upper curve.
The red dots on either side represent the points where you put the inside of your square and then mark off the lower square dimension back towards the lower notch.
The default seam values allow the left side (1") of each piece to go through the Pittsburgh and the right side (1/4") to be inserted into the other.
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